What Parents Say…

“It is with my sincere pleasure to recommend Judy Weesner as a teacher and representative of IEW. She has been teaching writing to our children, grades seventh, ninth, and twelth, for three consecutive years. She has extraordinary organizational skills in regard to her class syllabus and lesson plans, and has demonstrated excellence in her instruction. She also possesses the ability to engage and encourage the children. Mrs. Weesner has inspired their desires to learn and has helped them develop mastery in their writing abilities. My children are proud of their finished papers and feel confident in their abilities to communicate through their writing. I am certain your children are in good hands.

– Kimberly

My two children, in first grade and third grade, took writing classes with Judy Weesner and I must say I’m incredibly pleased with the tremendous growth I have seen in their writing expression, grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and use of a variety of different parts of speech. She also helped them understand a story’s sequence and encouraged them to be creative as they retold and dressed up different stories. The IEW curriculum that she uses is parent friendly and Mrs. Weesner is always quick to reply should a parent or student need additional assistance.

– Denee

My son’s writing has improved immensely thanks in large part to Mrs. Weesner. Her class is just the right balance of demanding and interactive, which keeps him engaged and striving for improvement week after week. She ensures that her students develop not only great writing techniques, but also good learning habits. I highly recommend Mrs. Weesner to parents seeking an experienced writing instructor who connects well with kids.

– Vicky

Miss Judy is a skillful teacher. She was successful at building up and maintaining a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere from the very first lesson. While teaching, she never forgot to keep a good relationship with my daughters. Her feedback was always encouraging. When they made mistakes, or had confusion in a specific area, she patiently gave prompt and clear explanations.The progress in my daughters’ writing is obvious and consistent. We all would love to continue studying under her coaching in the fall.

– Agnes

What Students Say…

I wanted to thank Mrs. Weesner for all the time she spent teaching me this year. I really enjoyed her as a teacher and will miss learning from her when I go off to college. She taught me a lot and helped me develop my passion for writing. Mrs. Weesner always complimented me on my work, which filled me with the determination to work harder. She also showed me that there is more to a work of literature than what meets the eye. I enjoyed our discussions on every writer’s deeper meaning. I doubt I will find another teacher like her!

– J.

Miss Judy was a wonderful teacher for me this last year. I have always had trouble with prepositions and clauses, but she managed to clarify them when nothing else could. With the IEW workbook at her side, she helped me add who-which clauses, strong verbs, and descriptive adjectives to my papers. She also taught me numerous wonderful poems, and encouraged me to tell them to others. I used to ignore outlines and just write down whatever I remembered, but she showed me how they could help me when I write longer essays. I believe she is an amazing, artful, and awesome teacher, and I would like to continue studying with her.

– S.

“I have been in Mrs. Judy’s class for around two and a half years and in these years, I have nothing but good things to say about her. She has continuously taught us many different things, such as how to write from prompts, how to form stories out of a single picture, how to take important information from texts and add it to outlines, how to write reports, and how to credit our sources. Mrs. Judy is an incredible teacher, and I wouldn’t pick anyone else over her. She is truly amazing!

– E.

Mrs. Weesner is an understanding and attentive teacher. Before working with her, I tended to write monotonous sentences. Now I can write sentences with different structures effortlessly. While working with Mrs. Weesner, I learned how to outline and add decorations to essays. I also memorized poems. The poems picked were both interesting and suitable for reciting. Many grammar principles were reviewed in that class too. I would love to continue working with Mrs. Weesner in the future.

– Z.